Utilize renewable energy to promote both an infrastructure business group that can realize a sustainable society and investment business through advanced risk analysis with a global perspective, and pursue maximum performance.


  • Name of company / LEGARE Co., Ltd.
  • Date of establishment / 15.3.2013
  • Preseident & CEO / Masayuki Sakurai
  • Director / Keiji Sugimoto
  • Head office / 2-16-6 Akasaka TK Bldg.3F, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
  • TEL / 81-3-3584-0333 (Main)
  • FAX / 81-3-3584-0344
  • E-mail / info@legare.co.jp
  • HP / http://www.legare.co.jp/
  • Daikanyama office / 14-20 Catles Daikanyama 6F, Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo 150-0034 Japan
  • Transacting Bank / The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


Keio University Faculty of Economics
Professor / Eiji Hosoda

Keio University Faculty of Economics Professor Eiji Hosoda

The renewable energy business which we are developing is not only to reduce CO2,but it is necessary to set up the global circulation of the natural resources to achieve the successful business prospect.
I am pursuing, in my study, The circulation of the resources which can be compatible with both environment and economy can be realized in this renewable energy business, that is what I am pursuing in my study.
Legare.,Co Ltd.is aiming the business with wide viewpoint including overseas. I am expecting that the business development of the compatible with both environment and economy together with global resource circulation.

Participating academic societies, research societies, and organizations

Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies

One of societies associated with economics

Contents for research and practice

  • Energy utilization research as measures against a declining population
  • Research of renewable energy in Europe

The Japan Public Choice Society

One of the societies associated with economic studies

Contents for research and practice

  • Several theories on non-market decision-making where the study areas of economics and political science crossover

Renewable energy research association of young practitioners (Kyoto University)

A study group that has come together under a leading authoritative professor in renewable energy

Contents for research and practice

  • Study of Europe’s Energiewende (revolution), study of practical adoption in Japan, and analysis and research of issues with the respective renewable energy businesses.

Club Vauban

This group has come together with the ambition to build cities and housing in order to realize a sustainable and rich lifestyle, learning from a developed country, Germany.

Contents for research and practice

  • The organization is represented by a leading environment journalist Atsushi Murakami who is actively working in Freiburg, Germany. This group has introduced the practice of zero energy housing and buildings in Japan. The group has ties with the German ministry.
Energy creation

Energy creation

Solar photovoltaic power generation /
Biomass power generation

Power generation support

Power generation support

Fuel supply /
Energy saving &
energy creation consulting



Regional revitalization
by biomass power generation