Totally supporting the biomass power generation business,
from fuel production to fuel supply

Fuel supply

Supporting the diffusion of renewable energy with global resource circulation.

In Japan, where the forestry has been declined, it is hard to obtain unused wood for biomass power generation, which is becoming a hindrance to the business expansion. For the diffusion of sustainable renewable energy business with a global perspective, our company is also developing business in overseas countries such as the Philippines.

Biomass supply

  • Planning a project in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines to supply Japan with the biomass of agricultural by-product and fast growers
  • Establishing a win-win relationship between our company and producers on the basis of the local agricultural business model to contribute to the community
  • With our local partner companies, from a perspective of permanent securing of power generation fuel, we promote the fuel supply by the vertically integrated business model associated with the rice cultivation and forestry
Energy creation

Energy creation

Solar photovoltaic power generation /
Biomass power generation

Power generation support

Power generation support

Fuel supply /
Energy saving &
energy creation consulting



Regional revitalization
by biomass power generation