With energy at the heart,
realizing the creation of vital city.

Regional revitalization by biomass power generation

Contributing to regional development with biomass power generation and cogeneration

Learning from the successful regionally-oriented small-scale biomass power generation business in Germany, we plan and offer projects which make the power generation business a spark for the revival of regional economy. In Japan, we can contribute to the “Regional Revitalization” promoted by the government, and in other areas such as Southeast Asia, we can support economic development by fostering new industries.

Regional revival project in Japan

  • Practice of regional revitalization measures as the fruit of energy revolution which has been demonstrated in Germany and Denmark
  • Activities for introducing demonstration experiment in Yamanashi Prefecture in collaboration among industry, government and academia
  • Contributing to the reduction in administrative costs through the activation of regional funds flow and measures for elderly person living alone

Economic reconstruction in Southeast Asia

  • With biomass power generation, contributing to solve regional agriculture problems and to the new development of regional economy including the transformation of industrial structure
  • Proposing new projects using the heat associated with power generation

Environmental advisory service

  • The understanding of energy will change society, as a part of which, we provide environmental advisory service for universities, in collaboration with a major consulting firm.

Image of regional revitalization with biomass power generation at the heart

  • You can contribute to the regional economic revitalization by using the heat produced by power generation for warm water, cooling, heating and drying to make use of it in fostering new regional industries.
  • With the introduction of zero-energy housing which is diffusing in Germany, a country of advanced energy (joint business), we can further deepen the energy revolution.

Energy creation

Energy creation

Solar photovoltaic power generation /
Biomass power generation

Power generation support

Power generation support

Fuel supply /
Energy saving &
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Regional revitalization
by biomass power generation